Richard the Stork

2015-06-10 0 comentarios
Just arrived in Brussels, Belgium, to work with the rigging team for the feature film Richard the Stork. Mainly bird rigging, so it should be fun!
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Lemon Rig

2015-05-14 0 comentarios

New Lemon rig, hopefully this is the final version now. Modelling, shading and rig done by me. This is a fully scripted rig made with my modular auto rigging system. Walk cycle done by Amnon Schwarz.

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Ases Al Volante - Respetá la Velocidad

2015-01-12 0 comentarios

I recently worked in this ad as a TD. I also did some additional character and prop rigging, and some pipeline scripting.
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Two by Two

2014-05-01 0 comentarios

I'm currently working as an animation TD in this great feature film called 'Two by Two' in Moetion Films, in Galway, Ireland. The film will be released in May 2015.
Here is the first trailer.

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Superman - Origins

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These are a bunch of rigs I made for the fan film Superman - Origins. The rigs were done procedurally using my autorigging tool bRigger. Arms, legs, spine and head allow stretching, bending and IK/FK switching.  The facial setup is based on blendshapes and includes joints for detailed deformations on top of the blendshapes. The rigs work in conjunction with a character picker tool, and the layout of the buttons for each character is also generated together with the rig based on user defined polygon planes on the grid. The picker provides buttons for pose mirroring, and a "pose clipboard" that works across different characters, among other tools.
The models are not mine and were provided by the animation studio, Little Grim Entertainment.

 This is a short animation test for the Superman rig. The audio file is original material provided by the studio.

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bTreeGen - modular tree generator

2013-09-04 0 comentarios

bTreeGen is a python script for Autodesk Maya designed to create models of trees of different shapes, sizes, and characteristics. It works in a modular and procedural fashion and it's flexible enough to allow for a wide range of types and species of trees. As it provides ways to locate and orient individual branches, it is also capable of creating sculptures and specific objects with a tree look.


Final renders:


Usage: Load the script into a python tab in Maya, and run.
(bTreeGen was written and tested using Autodesk Maya 2013)

DISCLAIMER: bTreeGen was written as an exercise, in my free time, just for fun. The script is not ready for production and it is buggy. I plan to continue its development, but for the moment I do not provide support for it. However if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email, I will try to help you if I can. I'll appreciate bug reports and comments.
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Rigging / Scripting Reel - 2013

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Rigging / Scripting Reel - 2013

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Lemon - update

2013-03-28 0 comentarios

This is a brief animation test for a shortfilm I'm working on ("My Sweet Lemon"). I took the audio from 11secondClub (though this is not an actual entry for the competition). The audio file has nothing to do with the actual storyline, I only used it to test the rig and see how it reacts to animation and render.

Breve prueba de animación para un cortometraje en el que estoy trabajando ("Mi Dulce Limón"). Tomé el audio de 11secondClub (aunque no participé en la competencia). El diálogo no tiene nada que ver con el guión, sólo lo usé para probar el rig y ver su reacción al animarlo y renderearlo.

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Foosball / Metegol

2012-09-08 0 comentarios

I am currently working in the feature film Foosball, by Oscar-winning director Juan José Campanella. After some months in the rigging department, now I work doing skinfix. It is scheduled for release in June 2013.

Actualmente estoy trabajando en el largometraje animado Metegol, dirigido por Juan José Campanella. Luego de algunos meses en el departamento de rigging, ahora ocupo un puesto en el de skinfixing. Se estrena en junio de 2013.

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Animation Reel - 2012

2012-04-13 0 comentarios
Animation Reel - 2012

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Half Measure

2012-04-12 0 comentarios
11 Seconds Club - March competition animation (not an actual entry).

Animación no presentada para la competición de marzo de 11 Second Club.

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Bach Flowing

2012-04-04 0 comentarios
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