Superman - Origins

These are a bunch of rigs I made for the fan film Superman - Origins. The rigs were done procedurally using my autorigging tool bRigger. Arms, legs, spine and head allow stretching, bending and IK/FK switching.  The facial setup is based on blendshapes and includes joints for detailed deformations on top of the blendshapes. The rigs work in conjunction with a character picker tool, and the layout of the buttons for each character is also generated together with the rig based on user defined polygon planes on the grid. The picker provides buttons for pose mirroring, and a "pose clipboard" that works across different characters, among other tools.
The models are not mine and were provided by the animation studio, Little Grim Entertainment.

 This is a short animation test for the Superman rig. The audio file is original material provided by the studio.

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