X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Rigging Lead - MPC

The Predator

Rigging Lead - MPC

Godzilla: king of the monsters

Rigging TD - MPC

The Greatest Showman

Rigging TD - MPC


Rigging Supervisor

a Stork's Journey

Rigging TD

All Creatures Big and Small

Animation TD


Rigging Artist

Work history - film

// Ilion Animation Studios

Senior Rigging TD . August 2018 / February 2019 . Madrid, Spain

// MPC

Rigging Lead . July 2017 / August 2018 . London, UK

// Aronnax Animation Studios

Rigging Supervisor . January 2016 / June 2017 . Lima, Peru

// Walking The Dog

Rigging TD . June 2015 / September 2015 . Brussels, Belgium

// Moetion Films

Animation Technical Director . December 2013 / July 2014 . Galway, Ireland

// Catmandu

Rigging Artist . April 2012 / June 2013 . Buenos Aires, Argentina

DEMO reel


    • The Predator - Lead Rigging T.D.

Development and maintenance of various creatures' animation and muscle simulation rigs. Supervision of the rigging team.

    • X-Men: Dark Phoenix - Lead Rigging T.D.

In charge of developing rigs for photo-realistic digital doubles and full C.G. characters. Development of prop and vehicle rigs. Supervision of the rigging team.

    • Godzilla 2 - Rigging T.D.

Development of rigs for photo-realistic digital doubles. Initial research and development of Mothra rig.

    • Condorito - Rigging Supervisor

In charge of creating character and prop rigs. Development of the modular autorig system and rigging pipeline used in production. Supervision of the rigging team. Programming of various pipeline tools in Python. Character rig features include embedded dynamics for feathers and hair, procedural animation for tentacles. Development of streamlined UIs for the creation of facial blendshapes, character picker layouts, low poly rigs and corrective body blendshapes. Tentacle procedural animation and dynamics Development of modules for procedural animation in characters with tentacles. The system takes the IK/FK animation of the tentacles and the displacement speed as a base and generates displacement motion that can be adjusted and tweaked by the animator. The tentacles react to the environment providing friction with the floor, momentum, and bounces.

    • Richard the Stork - Rigging artist

    • Two By Two (a.k.a "Ooops, Noah Is Gone") - Animation T.D.

    • Metegol (a.k.a "Foosball", "FutbolĂ­n") - Rigging artist, Skinfix T.D., corrective sculpting
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